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Storksak diaper bag – The Perfect Accessory For Baby Things And Your Own

Storksak diaper bag

Just because you have become a mom doesn’t meant that you have to look like one. Moms are defined by the bags that they carry, and nothing says more about you than the diaper bag that you carry. It isn’t necessary to carry a bag that looks like a two year old should, the bag may contain the things that you need for baby, but they should be styled for you. The Storksak diaper bag is the perfect accessory for everyday. So classy you may decide to carry one even after you little one no longer needs to wear diapers.

The Storksak Diaper bag comes in both chocolate brown and black making them very versatile. It won’t stand out to people, it will look like your regular handbag. Lightweight it won’t add to the already cumbersome load that you have to carry. Made from nylon it makes it easy to keep clean. When those unexpected milk or formula spills happen, they won’t damage the bag forever. An adjustable strap allows you to carry it the way that you like, instead of most one size fits all models.

If you cringe at the thought of changing your baby at the stations available to the public, you don’t have to worry. This bag comes with a changing pad that folds up for easy storage. It is also made from nylon making it easy to clean and extra large at 23” by 14” for your skirmish baby, giving you plenty of room for those messy times when you just can’t keep it all contained. There are a multitude of pockets abound for not only their stuff but your as well, meaning that you can carry everything all in one convenient bag, instead of two or three different adding to your chaos.

Located around the bag are two zip insulated bottle pockets that will keep bottles either cold and warm. You never have to worry about milk expiring, or it being too cold. If you have an extended trip, it will stay just the way that you need it to. Being in style is important even for moms. You don’t need to sacrifice style for fashion, the Emily bag by Storksak Diaper Bag has it all. Keeping formula at the right temperature, making babies safe from germs with its own clean changing pad, and giving you the extra room for your own things meaning that you can carry everything you need all in one, and looking awesome while doing so.

You can get Storksak diaper bag here for $160-$210.

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